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  • Length 4inch, breadth 4 inch, 2.5mm thickness,
  • Premium Greenply interior grade MDF bases for art and crafts. these mdf are cut and sanded for additional quality and safety provisions.
  • The thickness is 2.5 mm which is perfect to keep your art project light at the same time sturdy enough to withstand for long times.
  • Natural Wood Fiber Art Panels Craft Boards for Painting, Pouring, Resin, Engraving, Collage, Crafting, Encaustic, Printing, Photo Transfer, Mod Podge, Mixed Media and More
  • These are laser cut,very strong MDF cutouts with smooth finish.
  • Your Creativity—DIY Signs, Centerpieces, Wall Art, Wooden Plaques, Home Decorations, Trays, Accents, Weddings, Gifts, Artistic Projects, Rustic Pieces.
  • Create your own Christmas decorations with this ready to use mdf star base. paint it with colors , decorate with 3d laces/stickers and hang on your tree. Write your names on it, possibilities are endless.
Product Variation

1 PC, 10 PC


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