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Before turning into a full-time entrepreneur, Bhakti Motta wore multiple creative hats as freelance photographer, poet, and writer. It was 2019 when Bhakti got an idea to turn her beautiful pictures into artworks, and soon her journey towards drawing and sketching led her to major art supplies store online and offline.

While finding art supplies was not an issue, knowing what supplies were actually needed and which can be skipped took real research. By 2020, Bhakti had already spent more than 15k because the internet said she needed all these supplies (and being a stationery hoarder didn’t help much either). That’s when Bhakti decided there should be a better way of learning art.

And, My Art Pitara was born.

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Being born with business in her blood, Bhakti knew the limitations just a curated box service would present. That is when she decided she would not just open a full-fledged specialty art supplies store in the heart of Hyderabad but also create a safe space – a community for artists.

Thus, Rainbows And Hues – an Art supplies store not just a stationery came into existence.

November, 2021 saw the launch of first R&H store, followed by launch of this website in 2022. My Art Pitara’s launch followed close in 2023.

Rainbows And Hues is a woman-owned and women-run store, our clientele include young beginners and seasoned artists both.

Our team believes in researching on new products, new techniques so when a beginner visits us in store or messages us online, we help as much as we can, which is also evident in our blog section where you would hardly find us pitching you products instead of knowledge.


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