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  • Elevate your crafting and resin artistry to new heights with the Jags Deep Casting Resin 1000g and Hardener 500g (JDCR1500) kit. This professional-grade duo empowers you to create mesmerizing, crystal-clear castings that capture every detail and essence of your creations.

    Key Features:

    • Optimal Clarity: Craft with confidence using Jags Deep Casting Resin. Achieve stunning transparency that showcases intricate designs, vibrant colors, and captivating effects in every pour.
    • Deep Casting Capability: With a generous 1000g of resin and 500g of hardener, this kit allows you to pour layers up to 2 inches thick, making it perfect for encapsulating objects, creating river tables, and crafting other large-scale resin projects.
    • Easy Mixing: The included hardener is precisely measured and designed to seamlessly blend with the resin, ensuring accurate ratios and consistent results. Enjoy a hassle-free mixing experience.
    • Minimal Odor: Experience a comfortable and pleasant working environment. Jags Deep Casting Resin boasts low odor during application, making it suitable for indoor crafting.
    • UV Resistance: Preserve the integrity of your creations. Our resin formula is engineered to resist yellowing and degradation caused by UV exposure, ensuring your art remains vibrant over time.
      • Superior Hardness: Once cured, Jags Deep Casting Resin exhibits impressive hardness and resistance to scratches, ensuring that your creations remain pristine and polished.
      • Versatile Creativity: Whether you’re crafting intricate jewelry pieces, encapsulating botanicals, or designing eye-catching home decor, this resin kit empowers you to bring your artistic visions to life.
      • Unleash your creativity and craft with confidence using the Jags Deep Casting Resin 1000g and Hardener 500g (JDCR1500) kit. Elevate your resin art projects with impeccable clarity and durability. Order now to embark on a journey of crafting excellence!


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