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Suitable for various casting material : These casting moulds are compatible with most resin or other casting materials such as resin, crafting materials, crystal, stone, glitter, dry flowers, sequins or any element you like.

Wide applications : Our resin mould for resin casting can be used to make various decorative ornaments, such as agate coasters, geode coaster, hanging decorations, pendulums, art works etc….

Easy to use : Just pour the resin into the mould, wait for it to dry and cured then easily release the created items from the mould . Use for long time, the surface of ornament resin mould is smooth, easy to use and easy to clean.p


10 INCH, 12 INCH, 14 INCH, 3 Inch, 4 INCH, 6 INCH, 8 INCH


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