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    • 1. Material: Calcium Carbonate. Pack Contain100 grams. Size: 2.5×1.5×1 cm


    • 2. Decorative Accents: Use seashells as eye-catching accents in your home by placing them in bowls, vases, or on shelves. They add a touch of the beach and Decorative beauty to any room.


    • 3. Wedding Decor: Make a lasting impression on your wedding guests by incorporating seashells into your wedding decor. Use them to create stunning centerpieces, table settings, or as a unique addition to your wedding favors.


    • 4. Garden Decor: Bring the beach to your backyard with seashells in your garden. Use them as decorations for potted plants, as garden path markers, or as a border around flower beds.


  • 5. Arts and Crafts: Unleash your creativity with seashells! They can be used in a variety of arts and crafts projects such as jewelry making, resin art, scrapbooking, and home decor. Seashells can be painted, drilled, or used as mold to create unique pieces.


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