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Every shade of BRUSTRO Artist’s coloured pencils has been formulated using finely ground pigments chosen for their intensity and resistance to UV rays . Strong coverage and mixing capacity allow for different¬† applications like drawing, illustration, coloring & layering while the softness subtle blending and gradation.


ivory, fuchsia, amethyst, emerald, cinnamon, sapphire yellow, french rose, indigo, grass green, mahogany, lemon, pink lemonade, ultramarine, parakeet, dark chocolate, golden yellow, carnation pink, midnight blue, bud green, cedar, mango, baby pink, prussian blue, pear, expresso, mustard, coral, azure blue, lime, toner grey, canary, beige, sky blue, olive, neutral grey, yellow ochre, dawn, turquoise, sap green, warm grey, carrot, peach puff, ocean blue, seaweed, stone grey, orange, orchid, teal, jade, charcoal, paprika, violent, aqua green, peanut, black, scarlet, mauve, mint green, sand, white, vermillion, grape, forest green, hazelnut, crimson, lilac, viridian, caramel, raspberry, lavender, fern, walnut.


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